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Eco Matix - 5th class eco-pea boiler with ecological certificate

If you are looking for a reliable and ecological boiler, the Eco Matix class 5 eco-pea coal stove with the Ekodesign certificate will be the perfect choice.

Eco Matix class 5 is a multi-day boiler with a built-in container and automatic fuel feeder. It is designed to burn coal in the form of peas with a granulation of 5-25mm. The fuel is burnt in a retort burner with the participation of a blower fan.

The feeder in Eco Matix class 5 boilers allows for smoke-free combustion, low exhaust emissions and very high efficiency of the device, ranging from 91.4 to 94.7%. The multifunctional controller controls the water temperature in the boiler Strong> and manages the operation of the feeder and blower. It also controls the operation of the mixing valve actuator and additional pumps, and can optionally cooperate with various types of room thermostats, Internet and GSM communication modules.

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