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The KOLTON company was founded in 1979 and specializes in the production of high quality solid fuel boilers and has been very popular on the European market for many years due to its high reliability, functionality and aesthetics. The quality of the boilers is confirmed by a certificate of compliance with the PN-EN 303-5 standard, as well as certificates of environmental safety of boilers. KOLTON boilers are 100% manufactured in Poland.

Kolton boilers of the DUOX series represent a design with two combustion chambers: the lower one, with an automatic retort burner made of refractory cast iron and the upper one with grates, cooled by water. A special feature of the boiler is a large combustion chamber, which allows you to burn solid fuels in the form of wood and coal with good success. An important quality of the DUOX boiler is its tight construction, easier access for cleaning the boiler (from the front) and low requirements for the chimney draft. The boiler is equipped as standard with an extended but easy-to-maintain boiler control system and four heating system pumps (central heating pump, domestic hot water pump, underfloor heating pump and circulation pump). DUOX boilers can additionally be equipped with the trio system, which increases the efficiency of combustion of eco peas, coal fines and biomass in the form of pellets.

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