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Kolton OÜ is the main data processor for France.

Kolton OÜ offers non-financial, non-financial, non-commercial, comprehensive  Maksekeskus AS


The owner of the online store kolton.ee (hereinafter referred to as the Online Store) is Kolton OÜ (registration code 16480870).

Validity of the contract of sale, information about goods and prices

Conditions of sale for the purchase of goods in the online store.

Products for the production, production and sale of goods, including products. The price is subject to a shipping fee. All products in the industry are free range.

Shipping cost depends on buyer's location and good delivery. The shipping cost will depend on the buyer at checkout.

Information about the goods is available in the online store next to the goods.


To order a product, you must add the desired products to the shopping cart. Place an order fill in the appropriate fields and choose the appropriate delivery method. In order to ensure complete free circulation, the following measures are taken:

Banking services in Estonia: Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV, Coop Pank, Citadele, Pocopay

Payment by Visa/Mastercard

Links to Finnish banks: Aktia, Bank of Åland, Danske, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästopankki, Pohjola, POP Bank, S-Pankki, Säästopankki

Bankruptcy in Latvia: Swedbank, SEB, Citadele, Citadele and Luminor

Bankruptcy in Lithuania: Swedbank, SEB, Citadele, Siauliai and Luminor

Pay Later Solutions in Lithuania: Mokilizingas, Moki3

NB! In the interest of the general management of the country "Return to the seller" on the bank page.

Seats will be provided by Maksekeskus AS. Payment is made outside the online store depending on the environment - with an occasional bank check in a secure environment. Products are not included in the list of recipes and in general terms. Consolidation of the total number of shares, including the total amount of interest.

The owner of the online store is the main data processor for France and sends the personal data necessary for making payments to the authorized processor of the AS Payment Center.

If the ordered product cannot be delivered due to product expiration or other reason, the buyer will be notified to a large extent, the money paid (including shipping costs) will be refunded immediately, but no later than within 14 days. . handrail control


The item will be shipped to possible countries: ,stonia, latvia, lithuania, finland, sweden

For example, Venipak, Itella, DPD are represented on the market.

No data, and no information on the nature of the product.

For the purposes of this Regulation, Delivery was carried out outside Estonia within 5 - 37 calendar days.

Inclusive cases of offenses on the delivery of goods within 45 calendar days.

Right of withdrawal

In addition to the application for a period of 14 months.

NB! Depending on the products, the buyer may not have a right of withdrawal, in such cases the products and services must be specified and they must comply with the conditions listed in § 53 (4) of the Obligations in Law Act.

The total volume is not limited to the total output.

For the exercise of the 14-day right to return the ordered goods have not been used in any way other than to verify the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods, in an authorized way to test the goods in a subsequent store.

If the product is used in applications other than the usual ones to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the product, or has signs of use or wear, the Online Store has the right to reduce the return fee in accordance with the decrease in the value of the goods.

 To return a product, you must submit a return application, the formula that can be found here: here is the link to the return request https://ledkaup.ee/index.php?route=account/return/add and send it to your email address info@kolton.ee no later than 14 days after receipt of the goods.

It is good practice to offer free returns to your customers, which increases reliability and, for the first time in a year, the company will not be able to sell the goods.

The csts of returning the goods shall be borne by the buyer, unless the reason for the return is that the returned goods do not correspond to the ordered (for example, defective or defective goods).

The buyer must return the goods within 14 days from the date of application or provide evidence that he handed over the goods to the carrier within the specified period.

Upon receipt of the returned goods, the online store returns to the buyer immediately, but no later than 14 days after receiving the withdrawal application, all rewards received from the buyer on the basis of the contract.

The online store may refuse a refund until the product that is the subject of the contract is returned or until the buyer provides proof that the product has been returned, whichever comes first.

If the buyer has explicitly chosen a shipping method other than the cheapest regular shipping method offered by the online store, the online store is not obliged to reimburse the consumer for a cost in excess of the cost associated with the regular shipping method.

The online store has the right to refuse the purchase and sale transaction and demand the return of the goods from the buyer if the price of the goods in the online store is mistakenly significantly lower than the market price of the goods.

Right to file a complaint

The online store is responsible for the discrepancy or lack of goods sold to the buyer, which already existed at the time of transfer of the thing and are identified within two years from the date of delivery of the goods to the buyer. unless, for the first six months after handing over to the buyer, it is assumed that the defect already existed at the time of delivery. The online store is responsible for rebutting the relevant presumption.

The buyer has the right to contact the online store no later than two months by sending an e-mail to info@kolton.ee or calling +372 58514101.

The online store is not responsible for defects that occur after the delivery of the goods to the buyer.

If the goods purchased from the Online Store have defects for which the Online Store is responsible, the Online Store will repair or replace the defective goods. If the product cannot be repaired or replaced, the online store will refund the buyer all fees associated with the sales contract.

The online store is obliged to respond to the consumer's complaint in writing or in a form that can be reproduced in writing within 15 days.

Direct marketing and processing of personal data

The online store uses the personal data entered by the buyer only to process the order and send the goods to the buyer. The online store transfers personal data to companies providing transport services for the delivery of goods.

The online store will send newsletters and offers to the buyer's e-mail address only if the buyer has expressed a desire by entering the e-mail address on the website and has indicated his desire to receive notifications by mail.

The buyer may cancel offers and newsletters sent by email at any time by notifying us by email or by following the instructions in the email containing the offers.

Argument resolution

If the buyer has claims against the online store, they must be sent to the e-mail address info@kolton.ee or by phone: +372 58514101

If the buyer and the online store cannot resolve the dispute by agreement, the buyer may apply to the Consumer Disputes Committee. You can read the terms and conditions of the procedure and apply here. The Consumer Disputes Commission is authorized to resolve disputes arising from the contract concluded between the buyer and the online store. Consideration of the buyer's complaint in the commission is free of charge.

The Buyer may refer to the European Union Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform.

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