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Heating for baths and saunas

  • Wood stoves for baths and saunas
  • To improve and cleanse the body, take a break from worries, recharge your batteries and just enjoy the steam in the Russian bath or warm up well in the sauna, you need a solid stove.

  • In our online store of heating equipment "Teplodar" you can choose the appropriate version of the furnace, taking into account the dimensions and features of a particular furnace.

  • How to choose the right wood stove for a bath and sauna?
  • In order for the stove to warm up the room well, create heat and retain heat for a long time, you need to know what to look for when choosing a model. The most important parameters to consider:

  • the area of ​​the heated room (the volume of the steam room);
  • the material from which the oven is made;
  • type of heater (open or closed);
  • from which room the steam room will be heated.
  • You also need to decide on the soaring mode. The Russian bath is characterized by high humidity up to 60% and an average temperature of 50-90 °C. In a Finnish sauna, on the contrary, the humidity level is relatively low - up to a maximum of 30%, and the temperature regime is very high - 90-120 ° C.
Sauna stove Rus 9 LU

Sauna stove Rus 9 LU

Fuel Type FirewoodFirewood length,..


Sauna stove SAHARA 16 LRK 2.0

Sauna stove SAHARA 16 LRK 2.0

"Sahara" is an ultra-fast powerful..


Sauna stove Taman-Grid 20T

Sauna stove Taman-Grid 20T

The Taman-Grid 20T wood-burning sto..


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