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Production, delivery and assembly of modular houses, frame panel houses and profiled wooden houses.

Many house projects have been implemented by our company, and now many families are living in their dream homes.

Construction of houses from A to Z is the main focus of our company. Each stage complies with all regulations and all construction technologies.

We are proud of our work, because we fulfill the wishes of each of our clients, so that their homes are ecologically clean, cozy and comfortable, where it will always be pleasant to spend time.

The result that we guarantee

Compliance with construction technology and the use of ecologically clean materials.

The exploitation of the house during the whole year in European climatic conditions, in which 200 mm thick wood will prevent the walls from freezing up to -45oC.

Modern house made of official high quality wooden material!

Polished wooden surface, finished decorative coating, from the outside and from the inside.

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